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US Dollar: 14-Year New High

In this year end, the Italian banking sector bailout plan brings opposite opinions within European [...]

US Dollar: 14-Year New High

The Federal Reserve raised for the second time its main rate by 25bps since the end of QE in 2014, [...]

Volatility and Extreme Rebalancing

The flow of money from bond markets towards stock markets for a month now is one of the most [...]

ECB: Adjustment Coming

From the negative interest rates to the debts purchasing program volume, 80 billion a month, of the [...]

Italy and the Rising Political Risk

New test week in Europe on the political front with the Italian referendum next Sunday on the [...]

Rising Protectionism

The D. Trump election is a source of volatility. The long-term interest rate (US Treas. 30 years) [...]

Rising Protectionism

The Republican candidate’s victory, Donald Trump, enhanced an upward movement on stock markets at [...]

Election Day

The likely victory of Clinton (72% probability) should bring market attention on the heart of the [...]

US Political Risks

Concerns rise before the American presidential election next week. The same way as the Brexit vote, [...]

Draghi: QE is not Costless

Bigger than some countries’ GDP such as New Zealand’s or Czech Republic’s, the € 200 [...]

ECB Tapering. Stay Tuned

The deceleration of the Chinese international trade (Exports decreased by 12.5% year on year, SA) [...]

Earnings Season to Start

A few days ahead of the beginning of the 2016 third quarter earnings season of companies (slight [...]

Banks Restructuring

The agitation around the German bank, Deutsche Bank, and the European financial sector strengthened [...]

EU Banking Rescue : A Bail-In stress

The Federal Reserve cut its growth prospects for 2016 and 2017 and lowered its Fed Funds target by [...]

EU Banks : Troubles Ahead

Developed and emerging markets, bonds as well as stocks, went down with commodity prices. Political [...]

Volatility is Back

Strongest decline over one week for stock markets since Brexit (end of June 2016), investors are [...]

Central Bankers : Back to Business

After an US ISM figure under 50 (activity contraction), disappointing non-farm payrolls and [...]

Markets on Hold

The Jackson Hole meeting did not bring new elements. Central bankers reminded that every monetary [...]

The Rise of Political Risks

The Federal Reserve members were numerous on medias (Fisher, William, Dudley) to remind that the [...]

Waiting for the Fed...

ECB, BoE and BoJ submerge financial markets of new injections (respectively €80 bn, +£10 bn and [...]

US Earnings Keep Sliding

As expected the BoE eased its monetary policy by reducing its interest rate of 25 basis points and [...]

US Economic Slowdown

The US economy has significanlty slowed on the first semester 2016, with a growth close to 1%, well [...]

Markets waiting for Central Banks

The international markets are stable before the coming Central Banks meetings (Fed 27/07 and BoJ [...]

S&P500 : New Highs despite International Tensions

New highs for the index S&P500 and adjustment of bond markets by the increase of the long rates [...]

QE and the Rise of Uncertainties

“Risk On” for financial markets. Relieved by the US jobs data and with the coming long-awaited [...]

UK - Brexit and Real Estate Liquidity Risks

The month of June ends on a positive note for each of the OFP funds. The performances improvements [...]

Brexit : Vox Populi

The slowdown of the global economy continues to affect international relations and the politics of [...]

Europe : Weighting Politics

OFP’s funds continue their progression, outperforming their respective indices in markets [...]

- EuroPerformance -
OFP Optimal Value gets the 5 Stars of EuroPerformance*

With a performance of +9.69% in 2016 and a managed volatility close to 6%, the long only fund, OFP [...]

OFP Optimal Value wins a new award "Actif d'OR 2016" from the Agefi

Oaks Field Partners team is very happy to share with their investors a new award : the “Actifs [...]

Brexit Contagion Risks

Ten days before the British referendum on the exit (" Brexit ") of the European Union , financial [...]

OFP Award ''Actifs d'Or de la Performance'' AGEFI 2016

Oaks Field Partners team is very happy to share with their investors a new award : the “Actifs [...]

Rise in Oil Prices and Speculative Movements

The rise in oil prices (+40%) since the last G20 meeting in February continues to fuel the hope of [...]

Fed Hike Talks

During the week of publications of the FOMC’s minutes, several members of the Federal Reserve, [...]

BoE: Brexit or not

The bank of England (BoE)  did not change its monetary policy last Thursday but the pressures are [...]

The UK economy is slowing

The US labour market slowdown (the weakest job creations since the Chinese crisis on Summer 2015) [...]

United States : Weaknesses

The weakness of the US economy was confirmed on the beginning of the year with Q1 GDP close to [...]

The Central (Banks) Week

The coming week is full of events: meetings with the US and Japanese central banks, the US Q1 GDP [...]

U.S. Braces for Falling Earnings and Revenues

European news accelerates with the return of the Greek case on April 22 at the Eurogroup thats take [...]

Grexit, Brexit, Nexit – The Mounting EU Political Challenge

The earning season starts this week for the S&P500, it is eagerly awaited but some doubts [...]

Yellen and Downside Risks

J. Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve System, had to make an intervention in order  to [...]

Slowing US Economy

The US growth is worrying once again after the sharp downwards revision of consumption in February. [...]

Coordinated Easing

On February 26th in Shanghai, G20 members (accounting for 85% of the world GDP) agreed on taking [...]

ECB again

German bonds hit a new low at -0.60% for 2-year maturities, because of the ECB actions. Interest [...]

Choppy Markets ahead of the ECB and the Fed

This week, we observed very important movement on equity markets, but also inflows on high yield [...]

Looking for a World Growth Strategy

G20, Central Banks, IMF, OECD : every principal institution is calling for a support to global [...]

Rising Market Volatility

Global growth slowdown keeps being the first cause of concern for investors in the beginning of the [...]


Every OFP Fund is outperforming its benchmark (Eonia, AAA-AA Euro Governments and Bond-Equity [...]

Central Banks and Negative Interest Rates

Equity and bond markets bounced back on the last week of January and allowed a good performance for [...]

Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP): A New Test for QE

With more than a third of the world government debt in negative yields, the global economy faces [...]


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